Q4 2022 onlinePrize fund 500 000 A4

Online project development hackathon by A4.

For teamsup to 5 members
Event dateQ4 2022
Prize fund500 000 A4

About the hackathon

Hackathon from A4 is a blockchain hackathon aimed at the enhancement of our projects, during which you will be able to

Get tips and advice from our experts

Deal with cutting edge technology

Develop a solution that will be used by millions of people

Have a great time and win prizes at internal activities

For whom the hackathon is?




Our goals?

we will evaluate

Implement new ideas for two existing projects. Consider new fresh solutions for their monetization and opportunities to interest potential users.

UsefulnessDoes the case solve a real problem? How well defined is the potential audience or market for this case? Will the result have any impact on the industry?

The convenience of useAre contracts readable? Are they easy to understand, auditable, and obvious what the different methods will do? How will UX/UI be implemented?

CreationHow innovative is this idea or is it a new approach to solving old problems? Is it possible to scale the case within the current industry, or is it only applicable to a specific blockchain?

FunctionalityDo the main parts of the contracts behave correctly? How well are the contracts verified? How optimized are the contracts? Is the code understandable and usable by other people?

experts and juries

Aleksandr FeldmanCEO
Max DovolniyCMO
Jane MakeyArt Director
Bohuslav HradovskyiLead Developer
Vyacheslav DyachenkoHead of Design


  • Aggregator of NFT collections, tokens, trades and ownership changes for up to 7 blockchains from RPC/WS nodes. NFT Scanner in Solana, Flow, Near, Wax blockchains

  • Create a Rarity tracker that shows the rarity of items in collections

  • Decentralized ETH like cross-chain bridge. Use data from dApps on other networks to index derivatives on the network to solve existing problems

  • Integration of a token for payment in the metaverse, p2p

  • Integration of BNB/MATIC/AVAX/ETH card purchase into a mobile wallet with an instant exchange to our token (no contract, open solutions)

  • Development of fast and distributed consensus for ETH-like blockchain with Web3 and smart contracts, DPoS + cross-chain

  • Integration of decentralized identification and profile

  • Gameplay for p2e, m2e, l2e games

  • Adding SOLANA, WAX, FLOW, TEZOS, THETA, NEAR to our cross-chain bridges

  • Limit Order + best execution router DEX

  • DAO community handover scheme and PoC

  • AMM: pooling liquidity of any user, in any asset, and any network, staking, farming, cross-chain

  • NFT + DeFi + Ledn: smart contract with a universal loan-credit; ERC-20 and ERC721/1155 can be used as collateral in DeFi applications regardless of the network, the main thing is EVM compatibility. Optional - cross-chain solutions

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Where will it take place?

The hackathon will be held online, so we are waiting for you, wherever you are.

Who can take part in the hackathon?

Programmers, analysts, managers and all those who are interested in development IT solutions and development of blockchain projects.

Can I take part alone?

You can participate in the hackathon alone, but if you would like to work in a team, then we will help you with this.

What if I don't have a team?

Sign up and we'll help you find a team. You can also use the hackathon chat to find a team. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to write to the organizers in the hackathon chat or email