A4 Finance a competition among designers to create a mascot

It will be interesting for both beginners and experienced specialists from all over the world to try their hand at creating a recognizable character for A4 Finance.

Plan for conducting

Deadline for works submission:01/10/2022
Community voting:03/10/2022 - 06/10/2022
Announcement of the results and awarding:07/10/2022

What is needed

1. Study the project in Lite Paper and on the A4.finance2. Come up with a mascot that will reflect the brand culture and A4 Finance style. Several options are available upon request.3. Submit your work in the form before 01/10/2022 and wait for the results

We don’t set the clear limits and give a complete freedom to express yourself and created a unique character that will be relevant to the project.For you, this may be an interesting case of testing professional skills.

The main task of A4 Finance is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible by creating understandable and practical services for the mass consumer.


1. Completion of the task by the participants2. Collection of competition works3. Consideration and initial recruitment by the A4 Finance team4. Public community voting of the fellowship for the selected TOP-10 mascots5. Announcement of the results

Prize Fund

50 000
to the Winner
5 000
of A4 for Each Participant

Questions and answers

Is it free to participate?Yes, participation doesn’t require the financial investments, only your professionalism and time.
Is it possible to participate as a team?You can take part, both independently and in a team. If you know that you can implement a worthy project - welcome!
How will I know that I have won?After the voting is completed, the results will be announced on the channel. Also, the A4 Finance team will contact each winner to present the prize.
What if I didn't have time to apply?Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate then. We are for open and fair rules, where each participant will have an equal amount of time to implement the mascot idea.
How will the team select?We will analyze the work of all participants in the initial selection and choose the 10 most suitable person for the project, and then the best will be determined by the community members by voting.