Talk about our values to make the A4 Finance ecosystem more recognizable

Talk about our values to make the A4 Finance ecosystem more recognizable.

You choose
what to do:

Createauthor’s content
Tell about the opportunity ofA4 Finance services
Share your opinion with the crypto communityin any corner of the world wide web
Together we will introduce even more crypto-enthusiasts with the A4 ecosystemAnd make it unrivaled

About the project

A4 Finance is an ecosystem of services that open up new opportunities in the DeFI and NFT sector. With us, you can: increase assets regardless of the market direction using P2E/L2E projects, participate in A4 DeFi staking, trade NFT without commissions, and much more.

Project goal

The main task of A4 Finance is to popularize blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. We make it more accessible to create understandable and practical services for mass consumption. To help to achieve this, the A4 Finance team has revealed a set of active and accomplished ambassadors ready to work towards our common goal.

Tasks of the Ambassador

Depending on your skills and preferences, you can:

Create multimedia content (inform the crypto community about the project through unique content in the form of articles , TikTok and Youtube videos, graphic design, infographics, podcasts, tweets and memes)
Organize webinars and meetups (create, connect, coordinate and conduct online and offline events to raise awareness of A4 Finance)
Expand partnerships and product integrations (create collaborations and build new profitable collaborations)
Work with feedback and publish reviews (fulfillment is final, active and loyal community)

How to become an a4 ambassador

1. Send an application to Google Form since 11.11.2022 for 22.12.20222. If you are suitable, you will be contacted at the indicated contacts3. Choose the tasks you are interested in and send reports on their completion4. At the end of the ambassador program, the team will reward you according to the number and quality of completed tasks

Questions and answers

Is it necessary to have an audience to become an ambassador?No, you can become an A4 Ambassador without having a blog or social media audience. Focus on the tasks you enjoy.
What will I get for participating?Team recognition , award in the form of A4, commensurate with the benefit rendered to the community , as well as early access to testing and secret events for friends.
On what basis are ambassadors chosen?The decision on the ambassadors choice is made by a collective vote of the A4 Finance team members, after evaluating the candidacy in all respects.
What if I didn't have time to apply?Unfortunately, then you will not be able to participate. We are for open and honest rules, where each participant will have an equal amount of time. Follow the official pages of the project in social networks and expect other activities.
Will the community know who the ambassador is and how much money is used for awards?After the end of the ambassador campaign, we will publish the participants list and the total amount of rewards.