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Abstract Background
Abstract Background
Abstract Background

A4 Finance – ecosystem of products designed to facilitate and popularize use of decentralized finance.

A4 Wallet - HUB in which we combine all necessary decentralized financial services, making them comfortable for mass consumer.

A4 Wallet interface
Abstract Background
Abstract Background






Reviewers, certifications and partners

CoinMarketCap CoinGecko CertiK ivendPay Unstoppable Domains

Available services

Decentralized А4 Wallet

Available in AppStore and PlayMarket

A4 token staking (198% APY)

Staking A4 token up to 198% APY


Cross-chain bridge

BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Poligon, Avalanche, Fantom


NFT Marketplace

Beta testing


Try out A4 custodial services in the Alpha version

P2P (Peer-to-Peer), Payment system, Custodial wallet, Advanced registration and authentication system

Abstract Background

Upcoming releases

P2E game SPEXY (Move2Earn & Learn2Earn)

Custodial ecosystem

Buying / selling cryptocurrencies with bank cards in A4 Wallet

Farming up to 1,000% APY


Abstract Background

Deflationary model of A4 token

Burning the 1% of fees for withdrawing A4 tokens from staking

Charging a commission in A4 and its further burning for tokens adding of side projects to the standard list of wallet cryptocurrencies

In-Game Deflationary Mechanics

Burning the 2% of A4 tokens for withdrawing rewards from farming

Governance - participation in voting

Burning the A4 tokens aimed at Boost listings in the A4 marketplace


5%: Bounty 50,000,000 A4Unlock: 2,500,000 A4 / month

Total emission

1,000,000,000 A4

Tokens burned

1,000,000 A4
Buy A4Staking A4


Alex Architect


Alex Architect photo

Vlad Bumaha

Media Partner

Vlad Bumaha photo

Jane Makey

Head of Design

Jane Makey photo

Nikita Goncharov


Nikita Goncharov photo

Sergey Beliaev

Team Lead

Sergey Beliaev photo

Kiryl Skarabahatykh


Kiryl Skarabahatykh photo


Character designer

FollowMisha photo


Start of development A4 Wallet

Financing seed round

Designing staking contracts

Preparation of media for project promotion, agreements with influencers

Public token sale in IDO format (12/20/2021, 07:00 UTC - 12/22/2021, 07:00 UTC)

Development of decentralized A4 Wallet

Design and creation of NFT marketplace

Release staking contracts (198% APY)

Release of the first version of A4 Wallet (iOS/Android)

Product analytics, hypothesis testing and custDev P2E games

Tokens deploy in networks BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche C-chain with same contract address

Cross-chain bridges (BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche C-chain) for A4 Token

Public testing of NFT marketplace

Start of development NFT aggregator

Developed contracts and farming interfaces on its own platform

Start of development of A4chain

Integration into PoS terminals and vending devices ivendPay

Start testing the first P2E Games in А4 Wallet

Unstoppable domains integration

Quick registration

Create wallet (seed-phrase generation) for multi-currency account in one click, without need to set password and view seed-phrase

Import wallet (seed-phrase generation) for multi-currency account in one click without need to set password and view seed-phrase

Reminders for user about viewing seed phrase and setting password, in case of funds receiving

Interface notifications about need to configure password and seed phrase view

Words suggestions (suggestion-hint) when manually entering a seed-phrase

Text replacing in buffer when inserting seed phrase during importing wallet

Added TRON, SOLANA networks (and primary tokens in their networks)


Creating new wallet

Creating new basic wallets

Creating subsidiary wallets from an imported/created basic wallets

Wallet import

Importing Seed, Priv, xPriv

Active wallet selection

Export of specific basic or subsidiary wallet

Installing distinctive feature of basic and subsidiary wallet


SOLANA and TRON Integration

Wallets generation in all available networks from the user’s mnemonic phrase

Available EVM Network set, Solana and Tron as well

User can create and view transactions in active networks simultaneously

System allows you to track and manage balances simultaneously in multiple networks, without having to switch between them


QR code camera recognition

WalletConncet text code unzipping

QR code download from device gallery

With help of QR code scanner, you can connect to dApps, as well as read addresses for sending cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFT.


Home screen tokens select from preset set

Ability to add your own tokens according thru contract address

Scam Alert function that assesses the "trust" level of token by examining its contract address when you adding it manually

Ability displaying variety of tokens on main screen in multiple networks simultaneously

Assets quick search on Home Screen

Balance refilling

Refilling according to wallet address

Refilling thru QR code

Quick navigation on active networks and tokens to get exact address or QR code


Ability to choose amount of exchange thru using prepared % of balance

Ability to enter exact amount of exchanged token

Ability to enter exact amount of token received during exchange

Setting your own slip percentage during swapping

Selection of 3 options for suggested slippage percentage

Configuring commission and setting your own network commission limits (GWEI), as well as network commission size (GWEI)

Selection from 3 options of offered commission settings with description of transaction speed (slow/medium/fast)

View details of completed transaction in native browser (explorer network)

Ability to share hash transactions to social networks or messengers

Currently only BNB Smart Chain network is supported

Token sending

Quick navigation on active networks and tokens, required asset selection

Ability to enter recipient address from buffer

Ability to select recipient address from address book

Ability to scan qr code with recipient address

Ability to upload image with recipient’s qr-code and its automatic scanning, to specify as payment address

Specifying exact amount

Specifying maximum available amount with one click

Configuring commission and setting your own network commission limits (GWEI), as well as network commission size (GWEI)

Selection from 3 options of offered commission settings with description of transaction speed (slow/medium/fast)

View details of completed transaction in native browser (explorer network)

Ability to share hash transactions to social networks or messengers


Receive, view and send NFT


Displays all transactions of active networks

Ability to view transactions of particular token

View detailed transaction information with option to open txhash in network browsers

Ability to repeat transactions according to already specified parameters

Displays exchange information in convenient form. Displaying of sent and received token amount

Отображение всех транзакций вне зависимости от срока давности и децентрализованного кошелька в которым они были совершены. История транзакций не привязана к устройству или активной сессии.


Quick access to A4 token staking

Possibility of staking, unstaking and claiming tokens from different staking options

Ability to calculate income using built-in calculator


Quick account select (public address) from list of all active Seed, Priv, xPriv

List of recommended resources by folder

Ability to add resources to favorites and quick access to them

Address bar to search or enter a specific url-address

Browsing history view

Quick switch and manage active tabs


Multi-language (12 languages supported)


Possibility of simultaneous operating in several necessary blockchains

Option to select a blockchain from the list of preset: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Tron, Solana, Bitgert and Testnet BNB Smart Chain

Abbility to add your own EVM-networks

Fiat currencies

Displaying fiat equivalent of token balance in USD, EUR, BTC, RUB, CNY, INR, PKR, PLN, AED, JPY and UAH

Address book

Selection of network to which address book is linked for quick navigation

Ability to add an address to address book and specify its Name

Address specification by inserting from buffer, scanning qr-code or downloading qr-code from media

Displaying recent addresses that you have interacted with in current public address


Ability to set a password on an application that will be requested at first login or after inactive use within 5 minutes

Ability to view a secret phrase

View and copy Private Key of various networks: EVM, TRON, Solana

Installation of additional biometric protection: fingerprint or face scan

Active sessions

Displaying all active sessions (permissions) issued by active public address in built-in Web3 browser

Displays all active sessions (permissions) issued in Wallet Connect

Quick view active sessions in other accounts (public addresses)

Ability to off (revoke) required permissions


View short answers to frequently asked questions

Pouch reset

Full output and delete data of your private Seed, Priv, xPriv

Open testing

Pre-release versions of A4 Wallet

NFT marketPlace

P2E game SPEXY

Closed testing

A4 Blockchain


Spheres of influence

Area 1 — Finance

DEX & CEX. This area of influence focuses on daily financial products for private users such as earnings, exchange and storage. We designing and integrating decentralized and centralized services in one convenient interface.

Area 2 — Metaverse

GAMES & LEARNS. We’re developing metaverse that’s going to scale in play and education way. Within framework of this direction we creating games for children and adults, as well as provide quality training programs.

Area 3 — Business

Fintech solutions for business and corporate customers, as well as implementation of decentralized offshore for company registration, business and projects insurances. Non-custodial licensing, DAO regulator and blockchain aimed at solving corporate problems.

Area 4 — ❌❌❌❌❌

⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌ ⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌ ⚏⚎ ⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍ ⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌ ⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌ ⚏⚎ ⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍ ⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌ ⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌ ⚏⚎ ⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍ ⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏⚎⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌ ⚏⚎ ⚍ ⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎ ⚍⚌⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌ ⚏ ⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍⚌⚏⚎⚍


CustodialWalletP2PExchange. SpotSWAPPayment system
DecentralizedStakingCross-chain bridgeNFT MarketplaceWalletDEX routerCrypto lending
Exchange. MarginExchange. DerivativesEarnNFT aggregator
Margin DEX tradingLiquid StakingDemo tradingDAO
Cryptocurrency ATMs
SPEXYA4 EducationSPEXY Expansion
P2E BackgroundP2E network
BlockchainIEO platformDecentralized offshoreTransaction management
Wallet (2023)

Designing and prototyping

Interface layouts creation

Registration process and multi-factor authentication

Aggregation system of funds and generation of private wallets

Integration of 10+ currencies and 30+ tokens - nodes supporting

Validation of address formats for sending

Generation of payment details for deposit

Course aggregation service creation

Transaction and address history

Identity verification system, integration with Sumsub

P2P (2023)

Designing and prototyping

Interface layouts creation

Creating an ad to buy / sell and exchange cryptocurrency

Support for any payment methods

Escrow service

Integration of payment acceptance module into SPEXY

Creation of rating and user feedback system

Tracking counterparty statistics: transaction time, rating, volume and history

Users statuses

Linking rate to indices

Exchange. Spot (2023)

Creation of trading core (matching)

Trading terminal. Development of widgets (Order tool, Graphic, Order book, Print ribbon, Markets)

Testing and debugging


Exchange. Margin (2024)
Exchange. Derivatives (2024)
Demo trade for training in framework of "A4 Education" (2024)
Swap (2023)

Designing and prototyping

Interface layouts creation


Testing and debugging


Earn (2024)

DeFi staking (2024)

On-chain staking (2024)

NFT aggregator (2024)
Invoices and payment system (2023)
Cryptocurrency ATMs (2025)
A4 Wallet. Additional features (2023)

Adding new networks: BTC, XRP, THETA, Polkadot, etc.

Own keyboard in app

Currency and token information

Any cross-chain token exchange

Token auto detection

Interface customization

Creating batching transactions

Confirmation management (approves)

Centralized node supply

Fake wallet, recursion inside fake wallet

Hardware wallet integration

Export of full encrypted private key set

Subscription when price reached by currency or token (PUSH)

Payment-link Interception

NFT marketplace integration

Bank cards integration

Invoicing (EIP-681)

Liquidity farming

Provision of liquidity to pool (LP receiving)

Addition of new languages

NFT - marketplace (2023)

Market research and analysis

Planning and business model development

Blockchain platform selection

Smart contract development

Creation of technical infrastructure

User interface development

Integration with payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets

Public testing

Platform launch and marketing

DEX router (2023)

Market research and analysis

Definition of architecture and technology

Interface designing

Smart contract development

Integration with DEX

Testing and auditing

Launch and deployment

Marketing and promotion

Update and support

Crypto lending (2023)

Definition of functionality and lending terms

Development of smart contracts for managing loans and collateral

Integration with other DeFi protocols and partners

Testing and auditing security of smart contracts

Launching service and monitoring its operation

Margin DEX trading (2024)

Functionality definition and requirements for margin trading

User interface creation

Development of smart contracts to manage margin accounts and positions

Testing and auditing security of smart contracts

Project launch and support

Liquidity staking (2024)

Market research and analysis

Definition of architecture and technologies

Smart contract development

User interface development

Integration with existing products

Testing and auditing

Launch and deployment

Marketing and promotion

Update and support

DAO (2024)

Definition of goals and principles

Blockchain platform selection

Smart contract development

User interface development

Testing and auditing

Launch and deployment

Community involvement

Management and development

Monitoring and support

Hybridization (2024)

We creating common interface for integration our centralized and decentralized products. This will provide a single point of access to all financial services and also allow users to move smoothly towards decentralization. Each solution will continue to exist autonomously and operate on principle of micro-services.

This means that they will interact with each other through special interfaces and be fully compatible. Result will be unique hybrid solution, which can be called WEB 3.5, combining best features of centralized and decentralized systems.

Web interface and plugin

Mobile app

Creation of simplified and pro version of service

SPEXY (2023)

Development of game mechanics

Game economics elaboration

Creation of 3D models and animations

Creating learning block of articles

Creation of an integration module for decentralized A4 wallet

Stress testing

Closed beta testing (testnet)

Open beta testing (testnet) (release in Google Play and AppStore)

SPX token listing

Mainnet opening

P2P platform A4 for purchasing SPEXY characters through fiat currencies

Farming 10% commission in SPX with LP token staking (SPX/BUSD)

Reservation of 50% of A4 land plots (beta testing)


Adding interactive block of learning to A4 Metaverse

Land allocation among SPEXY members

Auction of remaining lands

Launch of VR/AR realities

A4 Education (2023)

Definition of main topics and modules of training

Creation of educational materials and video content

Development of an interactive educational platform

Preparation and conduct of webinars, master classes and conferences

Gathering feedback and improving content based on user feedback

SPEXY extension (2023-2024)
P2E net (2024-2025)
Blockchain (2024)

Support of computing power for games as well as for business solution

IEO platform (2025)

Definition of functional requirements

Development of platform architecture and control system

User interface creation and integration with A4 wallet

Testing and optimization of platform before launch

Launching IEO platform and conducting first campaigns

Transaction management (2025)
Decentralized offshore (2025)
EDA (2025)

A4 Finance LTD is focused on flexibility and adaptability in its strategy, which allows to create road map based on current market trends. This ensures a timely response to market changes and provides to users relevant tools and solutions that meet their needs. In future, solutions will be proposed for voting among community members through DAO.

This strategy will allow A4 Finance to maintain its competitiveness and dynamic in market, as well as provide additional opportunities for future growth and development.

Abstract Background
Abstract Background